Donnerstag, 28. September 2017


Hey Loves, 
it's been a while. You could say i was in summer break, but actually i was writing my bachelor thesis so i took a while off to finish that the best way possible. I mean finishing my bachelor thesis equals finishing my studies, so a big mark in my life. 
But now it is done and what next? 
I had it on my mind for a couple of months i guess, but it was a goal far ahead so i didn't take my thoughts really serious, but now that this part of my life is finished i really had the liberty to think how i would spent the rest of it. 

Of course the first thought was i am going to be an adult and start working. But for the people who know me, they know i am not really ready for adulting just yet...

And with our economy at the moment and because i actually enjoy studying it was clear for me i want to do my master's degree, preferably abroad. I think about sweden or denmark. University is for free there and i like the fashion scene up there. 

BUT there is a big but: My boyfriend and i spent the last years quite a huge time separated due to our semesters abroad, so we would like to do our masters together. 
And because of the fact that he has to study another semester i had a gap i needed to fill. 

Again the adult in myself (yes, there is one) said:

"Girl, you got your BA so work!" 

But well i had this dream: 
I was an au pair after my A-Levels in the US. Back then i was 19. And well, as all the 19-year-olds i though: "OMG, i am soo grown up, i can handle everything!"
Well as you can imagine, it wasn't like this. I had a complicated relationship at that time with a guy, who fucked me up pretty much during this time plus in the US you are only allowed to drink when you are 21. But try to tell that to someone, who is allowed to drink in their own country since the age of 16 and on top who thinks is soo grown up. 
So pretty much i spent a magnitude of my time abroad being heart broken, angry and eager to try to pretend i am so grown up. And as you can imagine i couldn't fulfill the duty of being an au pair in the way i wished i did now. 
Don't get me wrong, i had an amazing host family and i loved the kids dearly. I still sometimes dream of them and think a lot about them. It was such a great time, even though the previously mentioned things, so i really wanted to relive that again. 

So i talked it through with my bf and researched online. And so the dream was born and finally coming to life. I'll be an au pair!

Some might say you are already 26, be an adult and get your shit together. And i totally get that opinion. 
But on the other side, you are not forever young. You gotta do things, while you can! For me i see myself with 30 working and enjoying life, but right now i want to experience things which i can't later on. I don't want to say with 35, i wished i could have gone somewhere far, but didn't. 
And the timing for me couldn't be better. I want to wait for my bf to finish his studies anyways. And wanted to be an Au Pair again. So why not use the gap until he is finished? 
But everyone has to decide this for him/herself, what fits there situation and needs most. For me, this just was the one! 

In the next post i will go into detail how i got the Au Pair job and what qualifications you need! 

There are some other paths you could take after you finished your studies: 

1. Obviously find a job and start working.

 But my dear, you are working for the rest of your life. So live a little!

2. Continue with your master's degree.

Without a break. Sure, but you have to be really committed.

3. Doing an internship. 

You can never have to many internships! This would have been my next choice. But to be honest, there was this thought in my head: "You got your degree, why work without getting fully paid. 

4. Being an Au Pair.

Caring for children, being a big sister, free board and free accommodation plus pocket money - so a very cheap way to live abroad and not being alone.

5. Work & Travel.

A cool alternative, though nothing for me. Not because of the work, like i would be to picky, but just to unsafe for me.

6. Travel. 

if you are rich - you are in luck!

7. Taking a practical year. 

Working for social organisations like the Red Cross is a nobel way to spent a gap year. But you have to be very social and willing to work for not so much money.  

8. Doing another bachelor's degree.

If you for example studied fashion management, but you want to do economics also.

9. Be a Trainee. 

This is a special mostly one-year jobs, where you work for a company and get to have a look in different departments. 

To finish, it doesn't matter what path you take, it should simply suit you. Remember you are still young and you have the freedom to choose. There are a lot of options for us these days. Maybe you'll do a mix or have another path? Whatever it is i am all about reading it in the comments! 

xx, Nad