Freitag, 13. Februar 2015


This is my first post guys ! I am very excited and thrilled to share my styles with you. Hope you like it. Stay tuned. There is more to come ! 

My LOVE AFFAIR on such a rainy day ! A hat & a pair of Overknees. 
 I love wearing black, so for most of my outfits, you'll find something black in it.
Yet this look is very classy but stylish. I really loved this outfit. 
The overknees had been on sale, so i guess they are out of stock. Grmph.
 Primark and TK Maxx don't have an online shops yet, but if you guys google, you'll find the closest store via their store locator. 

I hope you guys liked it. Give me your feedback. I'll answer to everything ! 
Don't forget to follow up on my instagram nadsaboutyou ! 

Bye Loves xx 

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