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In May I spent a couple of days with my boyfriend in the capital of my home country. 
Berlin - well ich have to tell you guys, I wasn't a big fan of Berlin before and I have to confess I wouldn't want to live there forever. But I could imagine myself living there for a couple of years. To explain that - I come from the south of Germany and in Bavaria EVERYTHING is clean and ordered. You could say it is a bit conservative. 
So being in Berlin, can be a challenge. You have corners where it is just dirty and the people don't care about the rules and sometimes in certain corners people are a bit scary. 
BUT - Berlin has a certain charm and being the capital of Germany it is so diverse and so many beautiful things happen. 
Here comes a full itinerary of my 72 hours in Berlin - what to do & where to eat.


This is not a typical sightseeing travel guide. Here you can find cool things to do in Berlin (yup, you're welcome.) 

1. The flea market at the Berlin Wall 

Every Sunday they host a beautiful flee market at the Berlin Wall. You can find everything from clothing to jewelry, bags, design and vinyl. There are also very yummy snacks ( read more at where to eat in Berlin.) I bought a beautiful Levi's jacket there and a vintage diesel high waist jeans. Definitely recommend to go there!

2. Berlin's Mauerpark 

The Mauerpark is as you have guessed a park at the historical wall which once divided Berlin. As you walk through the park you hear all different types of music. People are just chilling around with a beer. At some parts of the wall you are allowed to paint so sometimes you see artists just working their magic. It is a very nice place to spent a chill day. 

3. Karaoke at the Mauerpark

Guys this is my tip you definitely have to do when you are on a Sunday in Berlin and the weather is good. It is basically a dude with a bicycle, a computer, a microphone and boxes. People from all over the world come here and wait in line to sing. Some are very talented and some are just cool people who sing Backstreetboys or Britney Spears. At the end everyone is at the dance floor and just dancing like crazy. The atmosphere is great there. All kinds of people come together and you can chill there and buy a mojito or a beer. Perfect for a fun sunday. It is at the amphitheater in the Mauerpark. It starts around 2 pm. Check out some pics here.

4. The Airport Tempelhof

Airport Tempelhof is a shut down airport and now it is a park where you can do all sorts of sports. There is a section for air sports, like kite surfing and one for riding your bicycle or your roller blades. There is also a chilling are where you can get something to eat and drink. You can get there easily by underground tram. 

5. CdV

Club der Visionäre is not a typical club in Berlin. But then again what is typical in Berlin. It is one of the prettiest open air bars/boats in Berlin at a little river. You have to love electro though, because that's all you get. During the afternoon it's mostly background but at night there is always a live DJ. Opening hours are
 Mo-Fr: 2 pm - open end
Sa-So: 12am - open end
You are not allowed to take pictures in there. They have a great pizza. 
The address is: 
Club der Visionäre
Am Flutgraben 1
12435 Berlin

The Bikini in Berlin is a really cool mall, with lots of concept stores where you can find very cool stuff. I love the whole mall. It is not your usual mall it is very modern. I love the vibe. The ODEEH Store is in there too. I did an internship with this brand. It is not the cheapest but looking doesn't hurt right? ;)

7. Kurfürstendamm

Some people say that the Kurfürstendamm is so mainstream Berlin and Berlin hates mainstream. It is a pretty street with shopping so far you can see. All the big brands are there. 

8. Strolling around

Mostly i can just recommend you strolling through Berlin. I really liked the quarters Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. 


In this Travel Diary we have been eating a lot I just want to share with you my most iconic experiences or the places I liked the most. 

This is probably the cutest and pretties coffee in the Kreuzberg neighborhood (check it out here). I mean it has swings. And the coffee is sooo good. If you are ever in the Kreuzberg area make sure to check it out! 
The address is: 
Yorckstraße 60
10965 Berlin, Deutschland

2. Flea Market at the Mauerpark 

There are so many great food stations at the flea market. We had the all vegan gyros wrap. And it was heaven in my mouth. And it was all vegan. It was under 5 Euros. 

And if one isn't enough we had the pulled pork burger. I am a little bit spoiled by pulled pork because i worked at a catering company where we had pulled pork on weddings and I can tell you pulled pork is everything.

I looked this one up on the internet (here) and it was so worth it. In my hometown we do not have any acai bowl or anything like it. It was so yummy. But it is also very crowded at this food heaven. A definitely must eat ist the matcha cake. It is in Prenzlauer Berg and in the street are a couple of nice food locations. 
The address is: 
Weinbergsweg 23 
10119 Berlin, Deutschland

4. Späti

This is a typical Berlin thing. You have them all over the city, basically at every corner a Späti. It is a little shop where you can buy drinks or little foods. They are open very late and on Sundays. That's where the Berliner gets his beer from. Try it and you'll love it. 
I am more the Radler girl, wich is beer mixed with citrus lemonade. My tip is the Gösser!

Hope you liked my Berlin Travel Diary. Even though it just has been 72 hours! 
Would love to hear Berlin Tips or your opinion in the comments! 

See you soon, Berlin!
xx, Nad


  1. Well, unfortunately your locations are the hot spots for tourists. It`s only Mainstream...no insider ;)

    1. Hey Paule, I could have just not authorized this comment but I am not someone who will delete or just not authorize any comments instead it want to address them. As we have already discussed this on Facebook and I told you I will reconsider my language I do not understand why you would have to adress this in both my mediums but fine.
      As for your opinion that they are no insider tips I can relate to that but once again this is for someone you is the first time in Berlin and doesn't know Berlin so well. And mainstream is more directed to places like Alex or the Brandenburger Tor.
      And to sa that the places I put are just hot spots for tourists is just not true. I don't think a tourist brings his bike and inline skates to go to the airport in Tempelhof for a ride or that everyone at the CdV was a tourist, btw it was not crowded as I was there and a hot spot would be something for me where there are tons of people (I mean you were so precise about my language, that's why I would recommend you to do the same). At the flea market it was crowded and i admit there were probably a lot of tourists and the same goes for the karaoke, but a lot of people I told about that haven't head of it and were grateful for my tip to go there. And the eating places especially the coffee place was no tourist hotspot at all. I would have wished it for the owner, because it is so beautiful and he should earn so much more with it.
      So Paula, I thought about your argument and I decided to erase the insider tip and made out of no mainstream stuff - not so much mainstream stuff and I hope this satisfies you and you can stop hating so much!
      I mean at least on your blog you write people have to keep it real and stuff like this and you are open to any critic. I was open and I reconsidered. So this conversation is now closed for me.
      I wish you all the best and a great day :)
      xx, Nad

    2. *Hey Paula, ...
      i am sorry for this mistyping.