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Hi Loves, 
long time no fashion post and since i am in Australia and we have over 27 degrees i just have new pictures of me in little tiny easy breezy dresses. 
But in Germany it is winter and since most of my followers are german i decided to do a TOP 5 of my favorite WRAPPED SKIRTS / MIDISKIRTS for a reasonable price of money! 

Two reasons: They are fashionable af at the moment and second they go perfect with tights, overknees and a big oversize sweater aka you are not freezing! 

So with no longer further introduction: 


1. Velvet wrapped skirt 

i love velvet especially during christmas time! It is easy to combine and it makes everything look a bit more expensive! 

2. Skirt with walking slit

A classic approach with a modern twist! It would go perfect with a white blouse but also with a turtle neck. Pair it with heels, ankle boots or high knees for a extra breeze of sexiness

by tigha via

3. Striped / Karo wrapped skirt

Those two skirts scream summer, but we live in a time where you push the boundries. The beauty of this season and hopefully the seasons to come after, you can break with old rules and do whatever you want! Put tights or a jeans under it, sweater and a long coat and you are fighting the cold in style! 

J.Crew via zalandoshop here                                           Finery London via zalandoshop here

4. Floral print wrapped skirt

Once agian stereotypical summer, but imagine this: Put it out of his stereotype, dress in stockings or panties under it, wear an oversize knit, a fake fur jacket, a hat and boots and voila you are the perfect gypsy ready for winter in style! I'd wear a red, babyblue, white or black knit! 

TOPSHOP Boutique via zalandoshop here

5. Leather wrapped skirt

This one is a bit more pricey but i just love leather! It is H&M and it is high quality and i just love the fit of it! Perfect how they styled it here, but i prefer mostly prefer with leather and all black look or paired with white and fake fur! 

If you guys, have an awesome wrapped skirt or have seen one you really love, i'd love if you would share them with me! Sent me an E-Mail, comment, sent a link or a picture! Everything is appreciated! 

xx, Nad

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