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BUCKET LIST: a list of things to do before you die. 

Well as we are all ambitious people, i am not willing to wait so long to achieve my goals. That's why i decided to do a bucket list every year. 

I've always been one of those people who loves lists. I make lists for almost everything. My boyfriend mostly saves his lists on his phone, so he is very digital with it. I, on the other hand, write them down on paper. 
That's why i have a weekly planner with all my things to do and dates and meetings, which i carry around with me everywhere. He, on the other hand, has everything in his calender on his phone. 
Which type of person are you? 

With this post i want to inspire you to write down your very own bucket list for 2018!
Do it on paper, do it on your phone, heck make a voice mail. But create one! Follow your dreams and don't be afraid to dream big! 


1. Snorkel with a giant tortoise 
(Since i am currently in Australia this should be doable.)

2. Travel to New York City 
(After my A-levels i've been an Au Pair in America and i stayed in a suburb outside NYC and completely fell in love with this city. So i am planning on revisiting my favorite city after 7 years again.)

3. Start my master studies aboard
(So i really wanted to do my master studies abroad in a scandinavic country. This now seems to be a challenge to find the right subject and the right city.)

4. Learn to ski
(My boyfriend loves skiing in winter and i ever since said to him, sometimes i am coming with you, but i actually never did. So this one is for you babe.)

5. Learn to speak french
(So i've been on an erasmus semester in France three years ago and i learned french in high school, but i didn't really excel in it. So this year i really want to improve my basic skills, probably using, a friend of mine improved her italian with it big time.) 

6. Watch a whale
(I arrived in october in Australia and whalewatching season ended mid of november i missed it. I didn't see a whale. This was actually on my australia bucket list before i ever cam to australia. So since i am staying until april and changing families to melbourne i will be able to see a whale. Actually i hope to see a lot.)

7. Live in the same city as my boyfriend
(Guys, this is a cheesy one, so i don't mind if you skip this one. 
But since i moved to the other side of the world and in the last years, i did a semster abroad in France and he studied in the Netherlands, one of my deepest wishes is to be for once in the same city with my lover, preferable in the same appartment. 
This comes along with bucket list #3 the studying abroad. It is actually really difficult to find a master in informatics and a master in marketing in the same city abroad, which will not bankrup you. 
So YES fellas, as cheesy as it sounds, it is perfect simple, i want to live and study in the same city with my better half.)

8. Ride along the beach
(Since you all know i am a horse girl, one of my oldest dreams is to ride along a beach, without a saddle, hair blowing in the wind, water splashing... 
It is a young girls phantasy and probably just a horse girl can relate to it :D) 

9. Immerse into new sports
(I am regular at hitting the gym and i really tried running but it is kinda not my thing. So this year i am all about trying and really sticking and hopefully loving a new type of sport. 
I thought about either Yoga or Pilates or trying a sports app like BBG stronger by kayla itsines or Asana Rebel.)

10. Cut out meat twice a week
(Don't get me wrong, i love meat! I love burgers and i love my bolognese sauce on my nudels, but as i get older i get more concious about my body and about the environment and i really want to give something back to preserve our earth. I won't go full veggie or vegan even, because i just don't have the strengh to cut meat fully, but twice a week everyone can do!)

So what would be on your bucket list for 2018? 
I'd love to hear all about your goals and dreams and maybe i can adapt one or two! Leave it in the comments! 

xx, Nad

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